The imagination to course of mouse

The new service of rendering to 360°, allows to recreate unreal enviroments not yet realized and to directly stir on the proper computer in everything the al ready complete space and furnished.
Thanks to he technology Quicktime Vr you can explore your rooms as if you were indeed on the place, free to sail in the space and to interact as in the reality.

It explores the virtual tour, click on the images to begin.

To visualize the tapes QTVR it must be installed Quiktime on yours computer. Download Quicktime

As it works quicktime vr
The tapes QTVR as photo appear, to sail you use your mouse.
All it takes click on the center of the image (the arrow of your mouse, will turn it into a target) and holding to pressed the mouse youto right, left, tall and low.

Zoom in and out
For zoom you can use the commands "+" and "-" in the bar of control, or alternative you hold passed the key "shift" ( capital) for zoom in before and key "Control" or "CTRL" for zoom in behind.

Some suggestions...
1. Patiance... We have wanted to aim on the quality and for this the tapes, they weigh in average different megabyte. If you have a slow connecntion you will owe more patiance.
2. You shake plain! The inexperienced consumer often moves the mouse very quickly and the effect is from 'sea sikness', to sail the tapes all it takes is moving the mouse sftly in some direction.
3. To save the tape on your pc (right key on the safe image > to save object with name)