The study of planning "FRC Progetti" site in Castro (Lecce - Italy) the holder is engineer Roberto Ciriolo it palaces on the market as a professional reality whose ample offer of services is turned to an ample use costituted by private subjects, public corporations, undertaken building and firms.

Planning to 360°
Furnished by serious and motivated professionals men degree to support the purchaser in all the phases of the planning, from the topographical relief, the development of a tridimensional model, to the executive project and the accomplishment of all the cadastral pratices, allowing a considerable saving on the costs.

Innovative Solutions
For the necessity to always furnish services to the height of the demands of the client, the professional abilities and the courage to always invest in technologies advances have allowed us to reach an elevated degree of specialization, both in the realization of elaborate graphic with technical CAD and BIM, both in the executions of structural calculations and topographical reliefs GPS with rappresentations 3D.

  • Building Planning
  • Building Restructurings
  • Internal Rendering
  • External Rendering
  • Evalution enviromental impact
  • Planimtry 3d
  • Gardens Rendering
  • Searches on Catasto
  • Death duty
  • Rectifications Date cadastral practices
  • Relief Plane
  • Altimeter
  • Tracings
  • Apportionments
  • Relief GPS
  • Calculate Statistic
  • Calculation fiscal deductions
  • Energetic Certification
  • Directions work
  • Redations plains safety